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With a greenhouse, it’s great to be able to extend your growing season and see your plants thrive and grow even when the outside conditions are not very favorable.A greenhouse allows you provide your vegetables or flowers and herbs or other plants with the conditions they need and also allows you to shelter them from adverse weather conditions like rain, hail, sleet or snow.

Once considered a luxury, backyard or home greenhouses are now commonplace, affordable and easy to erect. It’s a matter of choosing style shape and configuration that best suits your needs. Once you do some preliminary research, it will be time to check out the marketplace and see just what’s available and if it’s right for you.

The Gardman Greenhouse range aims to provide you with lots of options by producing quality, easy to erect greenhouses in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and construction materials.
They are available from a small cold frame right up to a 6 x 8′ traditional greenhouse.With models like the Gardman walk in greenhouse, space is not a problem.

Cold Frames

Basically a cold frame is a transparent enclosure used to protect plants from cold weather. They are referred to as cold frames as distinct from a heated greenhouse.
Gardman offers a variety of smaller cold frames including:

An Aluminium Cold Frame

This type rests on the ground and as the name implies is constructed with an aluminum frame. The translucent material used is polycarbonate. These structures are perfect for hardening your seedlings prior to transplanting, or as a staging place to hold plants until the weather warms up.

A Wooden cold Frame.

The Gardman Greenhouse wooden frame hotbox is similar in size to the aluminium type, and comes with a hinged lid and ventilation slots.

You can get the wooden framed version in a race configuration, which lifts the box from the ground up to waist height. This makes it much more convenient to tend to your plants.


Growhouses offer an affordable way to raise your plants or propagate your plants in a protected environment. Typically they were included 3,4 or 5 shelves covered with either clear or shaded material. They don’t take up much space and are normally about 2′ x 1′ in up to 6 foot high. They fit neatly against the wall and are very accessible.

Plastic Greenhouses

The range of plastic greenhouses from Gardman greenhouse, include the “walk in” style, which feature steel frames and durable PE covering.
There is also the popular tunnel greenhouse which also is covered with PE material and has rollup doors at either end, then Windows and are sturdy metal frame.
These plastic greenhouses offer a real alternative if you are on a budget and can’t afford a full got a full-blown glass type structure just yet. You might like to consider the Gardman mini greenhouse if space is an issue.

The Traditional Greenhouse.

Typically, today’s greenhouses are constructed of aluminium framing and glass or polycarbonate glazing. Of course, the Gardman greenhouse range offers aluminium framed greenhouses suitable for home use, up to 6′ x 8′. They include all the features you would expect in a quality and functional greenhouse including sliding doors, guttering and roof vents.

You can choose from a free standing structure, or choose a “lean to” type, designed to fit against an existing wall
They are designed to be erected by the homeowner and come with detailed instructions and guidance.


Whether you’re looking to add additional greenhouse space or purchase a greenhouse for the first time, if you do your research well, you will enjoy all the benefits greenhouse gardening brings.There are some things to think about in positioning your greenhouse, So go ahead and experience the Gardman Greenhouse benefits.

Further Information.

For some further information on the Gardman Greenhouse and to get a better idea of how and why a greenhouse works, you might like to go to “How a green house works”, or this page on Wikipedia which discusses the principles of greenhouse operation.
Its really all about short wave and long wave radiation and how that can benefit your plants in the greenhouse.